Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just testing out vacaconnect

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok... A Changes on the Way.

So I have not written. Probably should be grounded for not adhering to the first rule of blogging: POST!

But, in my defense... will be launched in a week from Friday. (Hopefully, you'll understand why I haven't posted...)

But "this" will most likely be moved over to our site where everything will be more streamlined and accessible.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tough Times? List your property!

What a week on Wall Street. To see the DJIA below 8,000 proved to be the worst week since the Crash of '29. What is there to do about it?

Well, we say in a just under a month anyone will be able to list their property on!

Yes guys and girls, we've been hard at work to provide an incredible experience through what will become one of the most comprehensive listing of vacation rental properties to date.

And just imagine while you're either listing your property, or reviewing a property you've stayed at, there will be a percentage going to 1 of 4 given charities! Even for a review? Yes even for a review! This will aide in fostering the community we imaging where people are helping people out all the while even more capital will be contributed to charties!

Watch out! VacaConnect is on it's way!!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008 in the works!

What a great morning!

A morning where you wake up and not only feel refreshed from deciding to not to pour that 'last glass' of wine before bed. It has been a day where I feel there is a difference that will be made.

I'll be working with my girlfriend on to foster a community of vacation homeowners and rentors, hopefully establishing a large user-base so we are able to assist more than we ever imagined in garnering/distributing charitable contributions through this vehicle.

Aside from yesterday's post I reall an article about the struggling economy is hurting contributions to charities. And that was in June!

So with the Dow dropping below 10K (and further too), this will also be able for struggling homeowners to rent their property out if they happen to be out of town as well.

Much much more to come!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Houston, Ike, Rentals and Aide

Good evening.

I've see more than my fair share of ads since the power is on and live in downtown Houston to realize that this has been tragic. People are still displaced and without power. (I'm poaching wireless from a neighbor streets away).

Where am I going with this? The Red-Cross has had 3 hurricanes in a month and are over $5mm underfunded. The Houston food bank needs 500,000 lbs. food a day and people ARE starving/unsheltered.

It's now a goal of mine to establish a vacation rental website that will offer those displaced to live. Continuing, a charitable contribution can be made to one of several charities (depending on the disaster, eg tsunami, hurricane any instance of mass destruction). Here those that have the means to stay elsewhere have the resource to find a home, those that have a home can contribute as well by a charitable contribution, assisting in food/shelters for those less fortunate, and above all, we will contribute a percentage (or dollar amount) of each home listing and any review of the stay to any determined charity.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just for starters...

With an increasing spiraling downward economy, we recently have decided to list our home in Houston with the ever-so-popular Now they've recently changed their site to where we have a very limited amount of photos, but the upshot is, if I need to purchase some vaseline, there is an ad right there. Thanks guys, that really helps justify the price.

How about instead of cluttering up with all those ads just for an extra nickle, decide to give back a bit. And I'm not talking about your new campaign to build 2 homes after the destruction from Hurricane Ike, or your $10,000 giveaway (don't get me wrong, I feel it's a great act), I just feel with having hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, that something on a grander scale would be a bit more appropriate.

I've got to run, I see on homeaway's site that there's a sale at JC Penny's.